Name: Phillipe Bourguignon

Age : 32 years young

Hobbies outside of fingerboarding  DOGS <3, Anything that involves "boarding" (skateboarding,snowboarding,wakeboarding,surfboarding etc.)

Fingerboarding since : 2013 (7 years)

Favorite Flatground Trick : Sw Fs Heel

Favorite Pocket Combo : Nollie fs crook shuv out

What got you into fingerboarding : SKateboarding and skate 3 was getting boring

What makes you excited about fingerboarding : The people I meet, The Kamelpro Family. 

What does Kamelpro Means to you : Everything.

Shoutouts : All the people who believe in me ! Timo,Katha,Scott B ,Damien Bernadet, Ricardo , Bike, Martin Beckman, My dudes from Alp Fingerboards ! 

Final Words : Cent balles & un mars si'il te plait.

Team Riders


Name: Benjamin "Benh" Dulac

Age : 12 .. or 24 I am always confused

Favorite Music : Prog Metal & Electronic Music

Hobbies outside of fingerboarding : Guitar,composing music 

Fingerboarding Since: 2007

Favorite Fingerboarder : You

Favorite Flatground Trick : Switch Heel

Favorite Pocket Combo : Nollie Hardflip into anything

What got you into fingerboarding:Tony Hawk Proskater 4 and The Techdeck THPS4 Graphic series

What makes you excited about fingerboarding: Pushing it to places where nobody asked it to be pushed

What does Kamelpro means to you : Friends for life. A goal.

Shoutouts: Shoutout to the people who support my videos on patreon !

Final Words: I am un-circumsized


Name: Eric

Age: 27

Favorite music: anything and everything

Hobbies outside of fingerboarding: skateboard, knives, pc, gaming, cars and motorcycles.

Fingerboarder since: childhood, but more actively since ~2017.

Favorite fingerboarder: everyone who fingerboards.

Favorite flatground trick: 360 shuv?

Favorite pocket combo: many, but most likely kickflip bs noseslide vheel/big heel out?

What got you into fingerboarding: skateboarding. I skated since I was a kid. A kid likes toys. A skateboard toy for a skateboard kid. Fingerboarding.

What makes you excited about fingerboarding: meeting people, having fun, the vibe, landing new combos after sweating, crying and trying for hours.

What does Kamelpro mean to you: "Ohana means family".

Shoutouts: the whole Kamelpro team! In no particular order, Derek, Keith, Benh, Xi, Lena, Steve, Ivy and of course Phil! The community also deserves one!

Final words: am I on the death row? Am I allowed a final meal as well?


Name : Steve D'george

Age : 13 reversed 

Hobbies outside of fingerboarding : BattleRap, Beat production and skateboarding.

fingerboarding Since : 20+years 

Favorite fingerboarder : I’ll get back to you 

Favorite Flatground tricks : fakie Ollie late impossible sex change/  switch 3flips and switch fs flips +more

Favorite Pocket Combo: Nollie flip fs blunt and impossible sex change fs blunt

Skateboarding got me into fingerboarding. I always worked a job I could practice it during and never stopped improving. 

Excitement: I love making clips, chilling with the homies, and I working towards getting my pro model.  

Shoutouts: Kamelpro is my team of homies who motivate me to keep doing what I love even when things get tough. I don’t think I’ve met a group of peers I share more in common with before. We may argue sometimes but it’s just because we miss each other. I love you all and see myself a bit in all of you, safely. Thanks for believing in the team, me and my fingers! 

Final words : I’ve pretty much been doing this longer than I can remember and like music and skateboarding, I won’t ever stop.


-Name: Derek Born

-Age: 35

-Favorite Music: Anything Taylor swift. 

-Hobbies outside of fingerboarding: Gaming, sports, drinks on patios and family activities 

-Fingerboarding Since: 2004 I think, but took it “more serious” in 2017. 

-Favorite Fingerboarder : @fingerups 

-Favorite Flatground Trick : switch heels/ nollie heels.  

-Favorite Pocket Combo : nollie crook Nollie heel out I guess. I’m not really a combo kinda guy..

-What got you into fingerboarding: skateboarding for sure! 

-What makes you excited about fingerboarding: seeing how much style I can squeeze out of these fingers before my arthritis gets really bad. 

-What does Kamelpro mean to you: Kamelpro means the world to me! I really couldn’t ask for a better group of people to be flicking with. Love y’all ! 

-Shoutouts: whats up mom. I told you I’d go pro! 

-Final Words: I don’t really like Taylor swift that much.


Name: Dankman Of Dankwoods

Age: Old enough to be your father.

Favorite Music: Metal, Punk, Rock n Roll, Rap, Classical, Folk, and everything in between.

Hobbies outside of fingerboarding: Guitar, RC Cars, and spending too much money on things that get burnt.

Fingerboarding Since: 1998

Favorite Fingerboarder : too many to name

Favorite Flatground Trick : nollie kickflip 

Favorite Pocket Combo : nollie flip blunt to kickflip fakie

What got you into fingerboarding: Skateboarding

What makes you excited about fingerboarding: Meeting new people, Traveling, Sessioning with the homies, My Pro Model, The KPFB heard, and friends in general

What does Kamelpro means to you : Family

Shoutouts: Shout out to everyone who fingerboards, the KPFB Team, 

the homies (too many to name) and everyone I've met and traveled to chill with.

Final Words: Thank you Phil, it truly is an honor to ride your boards and represent for the heard, much love and happy shredding everyone


Name: Antoine "Xi" Jin

Age: 31

Favorite Music: Daft Punk, Arctic Monkeys, RHCP and Cake, but easy to most electronic, pop, rock and alternative rock.

Hobbies outside of fingerboarding: Poke´mon, skateboarding, casual gaming

Fingerboarding Since: 1999

Favorite Fingerboarder : Benh Dulac

Favorite Flatground Trick : Kickflip

Favorite Pocket Combo : Tre nose manual nollie flip

What got you into fingerboarding: School friends with Tech Decks

What makes you excited about fingerboarding: Making new friends, discovering new tricks and things about fingerboarding.

What does Kamelpro means to you : An international supergroup family of incredible talent and love

Shoutouts: Everyone in the Kamel herd, the Tech Deck team, Fingerboard Underground Discord server, fingerboarders in UK, everyone who knew me before I was Bubbleflip

Final Words: Miaow


Name: Lena aka Moule

Age: 23

Favorite Music: two door cinema club, deluxe moustache or techno

Hobbies outside of fingerboarding: art

Fingerboarding Since: 2010

Favorite Fingerboarder : tim.has.fb

Favorite Flatground Trick : tre flip

Favorite Pocket Combo : Nollie bigspin tailblunt?? I am so bad at naming combos

What got you into fingerboarding: friends and i am afraid of breaking my bones on sk

What makes you excited about fingerboarding:

What does Kamelpro means to you : its new to me but i have the chance to get to know some really cool peeps so much love to you 

Shoutouts: to the community and asi

Final Words: I am sober