Hello everyone!!

Kamelpro Fingerboards is a small compagny located in Montréal,Québec.Our boards and obstacles are handmade with the aim of offering something different each timeboth in terms of disign,as in realism of our boards and obstacles.Our obstacles are displayed pre-order,but are actually available,to armortize shipping coast,we prefer to find a agreement withe each customers because in some areasthe fees are astronomical!!Note alsothat each obstacles may have imperfections because granite and marble are fragile materials and some cut can generatesplinters.Allour boards are also hydraulically pressed into a mold of professional quality,cut with precision and finished by hand with a lot of love!!

We are also distributor of products,currently for Planktoon fingerboard,we are looking for new serious partners whose delivery costs are slow and expensive for north America as well as the United States!

we hope to meet your expectations and also fell free to leave us your comments!!

              Enjoy and shred it as weel..Kamelphil!!